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Our world is awakening to the environmental consequences of wasteful living, and it's becoming increasingly evident that several industries, including fashion, cosmetics, and skincare, can have a substantial negative impact on our planet. At Eastern Curlew, we recognise the profound influence skincare products can have on the environment and are committed to mitigating these impacts through sustainable practices in our skincare, makeup, body care, and makeup services.

The Challenge of Unsustainability in Skincare:

The skincare industry can be environmentally impactful due to factors such as packaging, ingredients, and production processes. Packaging is often wasteful, frequently using disposable plastics that are sometimes non-recyclable. These plastics not only contribute to landfills but also release harmful greenhouse gases as they degrade.

The choice of ingredients in skincare products is another critical aspect. Unsustainable ingredients like palm oil and animal-derived substances, such as collagen, elastin, and lanolin, can lead to deforestation, habitat loss, and harm to wildlife. Additionally, unsustainable ingredients like petrolatum and wood-based materials have significant environmental repercussions.

The production of skincare products can also be unsustainable, often involving excessive water usage and waste generation.

Our Role in Sustainable Beauty:

At Eastern Curlew, we have taken a proactive stance to address these challenges and incorporate sustainability into our core principles.

Sustainable Ingredients: We prioritise using organic and all-natural ingredients that are produced using non-GMO practices and grown without pesticides. This ensures that our products are gentle on the environment and your skin.

Recyclable Packaging: We are committed to sustainable packaging options, including recycled plastic, glass, and Aluminum containers. These materials can be repurposed, infinitely recycled, and have a lower environmental impact compared to conventional plastic packaging.

Minimal Carbon Footprint: We are dedicated to maintaining a minimal carbon footprint in our business operations. Our sustainability initiatives include offsetting carbon emissions, demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Brand Transparency: We value transparency and are open about our business practices. We believe that an informed consumer is a powerful advocate for sustainability, and we encourage our customers to research and understand our sustainability efforts.

In our ongoing journey towards sustainable beauty, Eastern Curlew is committed to reducing waste, minimising environmental harm, and providing consumers with ethical, eco-friendly choices. Our goal is to offer a skincare routine that not only enhances your beauty but also contributes to a healthier planet. We understand that sustainability in skincare benefits both the consumer and the environment, and we are excited to have you join us in this meaningful endeavour. Thank you for choosing Eastern Curlew for a more sustainable skincare routine.

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